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Some people have entrepreneurial ideas without back up or support. Being aware of the Feast or Famine Syndrome is a good start, although I call it the Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner of a business. If you’re like me, then you could fall into the trap of having entrepreneurial ideas without back up or support.


Understanding the business that you’re really in might come as a shock, and yet it’s vital to know for lasting success. It’s about working to satisfy your clients or customers’ wants and needs by focusing on THEM and not yourself.

An example might be for a barber or hairdresser to consider him or herself to be in the business of cutting hair. All well and good, however, can you appreciate the fact that many elderly people have their hair cut and styled regularly because of loneliness? An opportunity to come into bodily contact with another human being – an outlet for what they want to say to a person who will stay close, and hopefully even appear interested?

So perhaps a hairdresser’s is a listening post, an understanding ear – an ego massager.


Knowing the real reason people come to you, buy from you, want to deal with you is essential. Find out by asking your potential customers what they want and expect and deliver your questions with style and panache. Go the extra mile by being different. Asking questions is a worthwhile approach as long as knowing when to shut up is understood and practiced.

Find out where their interests lie. Pointless rabbiting on about last night’s footy if they couldn’t care less. Better to find out if they have a family pet or even a family. Think in terms of Julie Andrews singing, ‘Getting to know you, getting to know all about you,’ from My Fair Lady I recall. Avoid getting bogged down with a script. People are different and a personal approach without prying can build a good platform for doing business on agreed terms. Let them buy you first because you’ve shown interest in them as an individual. Not everybody is a prospect who needs everything you have to offer and must be sold. By trying to sell to everyone you meet can be a waste of time, money and energy.


Making an introduction of yourself honestly is a positive way to cut to the chase as it were.

“Hi, my name is John Mulvey from Creative Presentations. I help people to communicate in a clear and concise way in order to enhance and enrich relationships. I give people the confidence to speak naturally and effectively. Is that something that you need or would like to have?”

“Would you like to have a meeting with the intention of utilising my services?

If the answer is ‘no’ then move on. We all owe it to ourselves to stop wasting time, money and energy.

Thanks for being in touch and I look forward to further communication with you.

Kind regards, John Mulvey 0411 541 899.

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