Supervising people

Supervision is not spying! Should you be in a position where you either give or receive this, then appreciate it as a method for improved business results. It is often necessary to clearly understand what’s going on and there are ways of doing this that help rather than hinder the cause. Supervising openly and honestly can benefit all concerned.

There are two elements. First is that the supervisor is able to assess the progress of the worker and can make any amendments to the task at hand. Second is the opportunity to give instant praise and recognition if warranted. I don’t believe that there can be anything more disconcerting than being silently watched. No feedback can eat away at a person’s morale. Should your workplace demand supervision, making sure that it is given and received openly and honestly in order not to eat away at a person’s morale is to be recommended. Making sure that it is carried out in a communicative manner should ensure positive results and beneficial outcomes.

I agree with the long-held observation that no man or woman is an island and although independence is an admirable quality, it can stifle personal growth. None of us make it on our own! We need each other in order to share thoughts and ideas. It seems pointless to me to be striving for a result and having no one to share it with. Interdependence I believe is a much better aim. On that point, have you noticed how many people these days are relying heavily on their phones! You might be in that category and I accept that there is much information to be gained from these devices but reject the fixation that is attached to them. There is a time and place for most things, but my being ‘old school’ find it both amusing and at the same time potentially dangerous to be ‘on line’ all the time.

Supervision of people

Like does attract like, and it might be worthwhile taking a look at your circle of friends, associates and possible workmates to give yourself an indication of your standing with them. People gain strength from relationships in work and play. As an example, try breaking a single matchstick; it’s easy. Put twenty matchsticks together and try breaking them; not so easy! This demonstrates collective strength and applies to your relationships. So, involve yourself with like-minded people to allow positive communication and accept the fact that exchanging information is then given and received in a helpful and friendly manner and not aimed in a negative approach as a SUPERVISOR!

In conclusion, I’d like to offer the importance of registering thoughts. You might get an idea that is unrelated to your job at hand and disappears if not written down as a reminder. The older we get the more often it occurs… it does for me! Relying on memory can block other ideas coming to you. So, write your idea down for future consideration and avoid blocking other ideas that could prove useful. Supervise yourself!

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