Recognising an opportunity is not always apparent or obvious to many people. Setbacks happen to most people and I’ve always been aware that it’s not what happens to us but what we do about it that’s important. Adversity is on the doorstep for the majority of us and dealing with it a mindset that can help overcome the setback and turn it into an interruption rather than a major stumbling block.

We can bury ourselves with despair if worry envelops our thought patterns. Considering the impact in a negative manner can have a devastating affect if we dwell on adverse consequences rather than positive remedies. Belief systems are a part of each and everyone of us brought on as a result of our upbringing. Positive outcomes to situations many people think of as unassailable are determined by our attitude. Reflect on situations in your own life that required action rather than inaction and briefly examine how you dealt with, or didn’t, as the case might have been.

Thought patterns rule most people’s lives and we have a choice to be positive or negative. Of course, we can dismiss situations without any thought, and yet it might serve us to examine the cause of events. Words we use to express our feelings to everyday events need to be recognised and administered if we don’t wish to dismiss an opportunity. Opportunities that can serve each and every one of us are a daily occurrence in most people’s lives.


Adversity is a common occurrence and not necessarily aimed at specific individuals. It’s evident on a regular basis and being aware of that can stand each and everyone of us in good stead. Understanding that our belief patterns are a part of us, inherited from growing up and mingling with others is a valuable realisation. It often helps to have a person; relative or friend, to share our thoughts with. When sharing a situation with a confidant, it is often the case that a similar incident occurred to them, or they knew of another with almost identical circumstances. ‘A problem shared is a problem halved ‘comes to mind!

Exchanging thoughts regarding any event with a trusted associate or friend can help to give a different outlook on our experience. Often, an opportunity can be overlooked simply because of our personal observation and interpretation regarding events in our lives. Evaluation of our individual thought patterns can have positive results and reveal opportunities as opposed to negative outcomes.

The way we think, and our interpretation of events can be enhanced by another person’s thoughtful sharing about his or her experiences in similar situations. Being aware also, that adversity is a part of our existence in this ever-changing world.

Opportunities can abound when we replace negative thinking with a positive attitude, so let me leave you with a quote from somewhere in my thoughts which states, ‘As a man thinketh, so is he!’

Never miss an opportunity!

Kind regards, John Mulvey – 0411 541 899

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