Moving On!

john mulvey

Moving on!

In my last missive I mentioned providing instant pleasure then moving on, which had become the success revival of the film industry all those years ago. It rings true to this day and television programmes are certainly no exception with countless episodes of popular topics being not only repeated, but also following on from a previously unfinished outcome. An example would be Foyles War, which for me is a superb programme and watchable on a regular basis. Another is Judge John Deed, with good acting, good characters and different topics integrated into an interesting format. However, that’s from my perspective because I am not a TV ‘watch anything’ type.

You may be old enough to recall a TV programme entitled, ‘Basic Instincts’ which was certainly of interest to me all those years ago and relevant in the title because currently, if not every day, understanding the basic instincts of your business means knowing why you are in business and what your intentions are enabling you to move forward. This knowledge will allow you to focus better and increase sales by directing your marketing activities specifically by providing for your customers’ needs.

Following on from that understanding is the self-questioning such as, ‘Is there a purpose to my business? Am I living my life on Purpose?’ The reason being that if you don’t know your purpose for being in business, which ought to be to serve your clients and or customers, then you might be going around in ever decreasing circles and spin off into oblivion!

How does one find one’s purpose? My suggestion is if you are a one man, or woman band, find some quiet time, sit down, close your eyes if you have the courage, and ask yourself, ‘cos many times we have the answers to our own problems. If you are part of a group, then BRAINSTORM and write down all of the suggestions. Often the weird ones are usually the most productive. 

I’d like to offer a few suggestions for finding purpose. Using an analogy in the motor car industry which has Features and Benefits. Features are what a product has, and benefits are what a product does, or can provide.

A car for example might have leather seats, the benefit being to provide comfort.  Anti-lock brakes for safety. Central locking ensuring security and a lean burn engine for economy.

Taking that as an example, can you match the benefits of your product to the wants of our clients in order to keep on, keeping in business? I believe it’s a case of matching the benefits of what you have to offer to your clients or potential clientele in order to keep on, keeping in business. 

If the above is of interest to you as a provider of useful ideas for trading, then please let me know and if appropriate, give me a call for a discussion on moving your own business onwards and upwards.

Kind regards, John Mulvey 0411 541 899,

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