Knowing How.

Knowing How

Most of us have knowledge of some sort. Applying that knowledge at the appropriate time and for the benefit of self and others is important as we attempt to move onwards and upwards in our quest for satisfaction. Achievement is a quest for the majority, so understanding how to go about applying things we have learned, especially for the benefit of helping others, is essential.

Knowledge is not necessarily power. Unless we can share that understanding with people we work with or in fact wish to assist in their development, then our acquired expertise is virtually meaningless. Acquired knowledge is only potential power until it is used in order to help ourselves or other people who could benefit in some way. Whether it be by analysing situations and having the ability to implement satisfactory solutions in order to move onward and upwards, simply by suggesting well thought out plans, or applying the skill for positive results.

Knowing How knowledge

Applying skill and knowledge in pursuit of better outcomes can be beneficial for each and every one of us. Developing a definite method for moving forward in order to achieve our aims is vital as time goes by. Recognising negative thoughts that can hold us all back is essential in order to overcome those fears. In fact, fear is better understood when accepting the individual letters as False Expectations Appearing Real!

Recognising and applying that definition is one way to avoid drifting as opposed to doing. Most fears are self-imposed and can get in the way of progress. It’s incumbent for each and everyone of us to apply positive ‘can do’ in order to keep on keeping on towards our desired goals.

Speaking of goals and goal setting is a reminder for me to reflect on the current situation of ‘my team,’ Manchester United. They have employed a NEW manager who was a former successful United player. His self-belief and positive minded attitude have influenced the current team to overcome fear and display remarkable performances as they have turned around negative results and are enjoying well-deserved victories. Having skill is one thing yet knowing how to apply that for the benefit of self, and teammates in this case, is good for the team, joyful for the supporters and long may it continue!

Courage is a prerequisite for overcoming self-imposed fear. Napoleon Hill stated that fear was the greatest obstacle to success causing a person to look back and not ahead. Franklin Roosevelt is quoted as stating there was nothing to fear but fear itself. So, recognise that looking for achievement requires positivity in expression and behaviour. Setting goals for self and helping others to achieve whatever they desire requires not only a positive mental attitude, but application on a regular basis.

Negativity is all around as we turn on the television news or read the daily newspaper. It is so easy to fall into a trap of pessimism, and even hopelessness, and yet, life goes on whatever is happening around us. So, in closing, let me urge you to apply whatever knowledge you possess in a positive manner for yourself and others who could benefit.

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