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Christmas approaches and another year is upon us. I wonder if you have set your goals, aims and/or desires for 2019? I’d like to mention the importance of doing just that if you haven’t already. There are mechanics involved, importance of writing them down, making them achievable and the relevance in reviewing them.

Our future depends on what we do today! Simply dreaming is a pastime enjoyed by many people yet turning those dreams into reality demands more than wishing for the best. As I view it, goal setting is a way of turning dreams and desires into targets and a method for getting what is truly desired in our lives. There is a technique which has had incredible results for many people and is simply powerful: let me explain.

Whatever goals you might perceive in your life are better and more achievable when written down. Once committed to paper, they become magnetically attractive. Your goals can be in all areas of life – physical, financial, social, family, mental, spiritual and business related.

The very word GOAL is all around us. In sport for example, we know where the goal is because there are posts, and/or a net, or a hole as in golf. Yet knowing where the goal is and bringing it off are not the same thing. Achieving the goal by scoring a try, a conversion, a penalty, a basket or a hole in golf requires practice. Of course, luck can play a part occasionally, yet practising what works makes sense and can determine success.

Anybody can set and achieve goals and I’d like to suggest specific guidance on how to go about doing just that. I believe there are five steps with the first step being getting started. Everest was climbed eventually, but even that began with Edmund Hillary having to take step number one. Goethe said,” Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” So, find a quiet place, get creative and use your imagination. Write down what you want to have in your life. Have fun compiling your dream list, wishes and desires.

Step number two is to clearly categorise your goals whether physical, financial, social, spiritual or business related. The third step is to prioritise from the list so that you’re not overcrowded and yet, don’t have too narrow a focus.

Follow this up with step number four, which is to write the goal down. Be specific and accept that one sentence is better than a page of detail.

Finally, step number five is ACTION! Nothing will happen if action isn’t taken. Dreams and wishes will remain simply that until action is taken in order to realise your goal.

I write all this down because it’s my life’s work coaching people in pursuit of their goals.

If you need help, then please contact me.

Kind regards, John Mulvey 0411 541 899

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