Get a Move on!

Motivation moves people! It provides you and I with a reason to act, to do and to be. You may be in a position where you would like a person or a group of people to perform in a particular way. Motivation therefore should not be confused with manipulation. There is a difference and a distinction worthy of note.

Manipulation is getting people to do what you want them to do, whereas Motivation is getting people to do what they want to do. Motivation comes from within and can only be generated by one’s own thoughts and actions. Other people might inspire you with words or deeds, but unless an individual is responding to inner feelings, then he or she is being manipulated. People without motivation become disinterested and lazy, whereas motivated people on the other hand approach tasks with enthusiasm. It could be of value to recognise the difference and enable people to get what they want out of life.get-a-move-on

There is no doubting that manipulation can and does move people. However, it is short term expediency, which means even though results might be achieved, for lasting loyalty it is not effective. A manipulative leader does not possess positive consistency and credibility because it’s not in their make-up. Results at any cost satisfies short term expediency, but for longer term, positive action is the way to go.

Unfortunately, there are many manipulators in all areas of life. Politicians have been known to exercise these methods on occasion you might be aware. For lasting loyalty however, positive action is essential to avoid short term results. The emphasis on punishment as a consequence of failure is more likely to turn people off than to encourage them to act long term in the hope of positive results and achievement. Avoidance then becomes the main pursuit instead of a given task. That same energy directed towards being productive must make sense, and encouragement more effective than discouragement, wouldn’t you think?

Whether supervising yourself, or managing a group of people for that matter, energy is required in order for effectiveness to be the result. Reflective encouragement to one’s self or associates is vital for longer lasting loyalty. Giving yourself a pat on the back in personal satisfaction enables repetition to be the order of the day regarding general operations. Making people feel good by sincerely thanking them and praising their efforts is preferable to rubbing one’s hands, having got ‘one over’ on someone don’t you think?

So, get on your bike, and look at upcoming challenges and opportunities and visualise positive outcomes. This can be habit forming, which is not a bad thing. In addition, people generally want to experience the feeling again, so adopt the habit of making people feel good by sincerely thanking them and praising their efforts.

Positive recognition of a job well done by yourself or your team will stir you on to achieve repeat outcomes. Why not get a move on?

Yours positively, John Mulvey 0411 541 899 

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