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Supervision is not spying! Should you be in a position where you either give or receive this, then appreciate it as a method for improved business results. It is often necessary to clearly understand what’s going on and there are ways of doing this that help rather than hinder the cause. Supervising openly and honestly […]


Something that we all need and yet finding the time in this ‘busy’ world often is forgotten about or dismissed because of having so much to do. Visualisation might allow you to see the outcome of a meeting, the result of a sporting effort, or even a much-needed parking space when you need one! However, […]

Be on Time!

Be on Time! ‘Sorry I’m late’ is a verbal excuse uttered on a regular basis by the majority of people. There are excuses for this occurrence, and I’d like to share some of them before offering words that are professionally more appropriate.

On Your Bike!

This was a favoured expression as I was growing up and even into adulthood as a phrase for telling people where to go if their presence was unwanted or what they had to say not appreciated. It reminds me that we all are capable of failing to some degree at challenges we might face on […]


Goals. Christmas approaches and another year is upon us. I wonder if you have set your goals, aims and/or desires for 2019? I’d like to mention the importance of doing just that if you haven’t already. There are mechanics involved, importance of writing them down, making them achievable and the relevance in reviewing them.


Habits.  This is not the first time I’ve mentioned habits and I thought it appropriate to revisit because of the daily changes to procedure for each and every one of us. One of my favourite writers was Stephen Covey, who died a few years ago leaving a legacy of positive thoughts for proactivity. His leadership […]


Something that the majority of people search for! It’s often illusory for the majority, because many of us have been led to believe that working hard forms the basis for success and automatic pleasure. Working hard is not to be discounted, but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee satisfaction. I read a book by Shawn Achor some […]

Get a Move on!

Motivation moves people! It provides you and I with a reason to act, to do and to be. You may be in a position where you would like a person or a group of people to perform in a particular way. Motivation therefore should not be confused with manipulation. There is a difference and a […]

Moving On!

Moving on! In my last missive I mentioned providing instant pleasure then moving on, which had become the success revival of the film industry all those years ago. It rings true to this day and television programmes are certainly no exception with countless episodes of popular topics being not only repeated, but also following on […]

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones Every step we take and ‘selling’ oneself is so important for advancement. How we go about the process can determine whether we arrive at a beneficial place that is satisfactory as we travel along our chosen road. And, it is imperative to believe that it is by choice we elect to go on […]