Entries by John Mulvey

Knowing People.

How important is really knowing and understanding people? Getting to know who people really are requires the ability to ask questions and be interesed in their responses in order to create and maintain value added relationships, if that is your aim. Collaboration with other people who accompany us on our daily journey is an art […]


Conversation and interaction without using the phone is determined by one’s attitude. Face to face verbal communication is affected by our appearance. If we care about how we look, then consider how we might sound when opening our mouth to engage in conversation.


Recognising an opportunity is not always apparent or obvious to many people. Setbacks happen to most people and I’ve always been aware that it’s not what happens to us but what we do about it that’s important. Adversity is on the doorstep for the majority of us and dealing with it a mindset that can […]

Behave Yourself.

I remember slowly telling my eldest son when he was very young to BEHAVE, and his reply was, ‘I am being HAVE daddy!’ Today, my belief is that many people are too repressed to express themselves because they are overly self-conscious, thinking about what other people think about them and often set about trying to […]

Knowing How.

Most of us have knowledge of some sort. Applying that knowledge at the appropriate time and for the benefit of self and others is important as we attempt to move onwards and upwards in our quest for satisfaction. Achievement is a quest for the majority, so understanding how to go about applying things we have […]


Supervision is not spying! Should you be in a position where you either give or receive this, then appreciate it as a method for improved business results. It is often necessary to clearly understand what’s going on and there are ways of doing this that help rather than hinder the cause. Supervising openly and honestly […]


Something that we all need and yet finding the time in this ‘busy’ world often is forgotten about or dismissed because of having so much to do. Visualisation might allow you to see the outcome of a meeting, the result of a sporting effort, or even a much-needed parking space when you need one! However, […]

Be on Time!

Be on Time! ‘Sorry I’m late’ is a verbal excuse uttered on a regular basis by the majority of people. There are excuses for this occurrence, and I’d like to share some of them before offering words that are professionally more appropriate.

On Your Bike!

This was a favoured expression as I was growing up and even into adulthood as a phrase for telling people where to go if their presence was unwanted or what they had to say not appreciated. It reminds me that we all are capable of failing to some degree at challenges we might face on […]


Goals. Christmas approaches and another year is upon us. I wonder if you have set your goals, aims and/or desires for 2019? I’d like to mention the importance of doing just that if you haven’t already. There are mechanics involved, importance of writing them down, making them achievable and the relevance in reviewing them.